Light management is the solution – ENCELIUM

20. September 2017 | Light Management System

Technology: Light Management Systems (LMS)
Type: New products, Range extension

Control your facility at a glance with full 3D software suite

Lighting scenarios change every day. Facility managers need a flexible lighting solution that adapts to these conditions – and one that is reliable.

ENCELIUM is a hybrid, open and standard light management system using a wireless mesh network based on the ZigBee standard and DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) technologies to manage any building size or type. It is optimal for light control in new buildings and/or retrofit from single floors starting at approximately 1,000 square meters to complete facilities with over 4 million square meters.

ENCELIUM allows for energy savings in a highly versatile and most convenient way. Thanks to the scalability of the system architecture, it is easy to integrate into existing building management systems and can be set specifically to meet your individual needs.

The ENCELIUM system has been impressing customers around the world for the last decades and is valued for its extreme reliability.

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