Family change in constant current LED drivers

Technology: Electronic Control Gears
Type: Product changes, Phase-out

OSRAM offers two new OT FIT families which convince with compact size and low ripple

The two new OPTOTRONIC OT FIT families are the perfect choice for professional lighting applications. The constant current LED drivers come with a compact size and low ripple. The OT FIT LT2 S are equipped with an LEDset interface, the OT FIT CS G2 with dip-switch adjustment.
Both of them are suitable for spotlights and downlights in shop, hospitality, office and home applications and can be combined with many LED modules. They replace the existing OTe family in 25 W and 35 W.

Features of the OT FIT LT2 S and OT FIT CS G2:

  • compact design
  • window driver (LT2 S) or current setting (CS G2)
  • mobile camera-friendly


The OT FIT LT2 S comes in 15 W, 25 W and 40 W with output currents of 150-1050 mA. The current is precisely adjustable via LEDset resistors.

Product name EAN10 Output current Output voltage
 OT FIT 15/220-240/500 LT2 S  4052899956995  150-500 mA  15...50 V
 OT FIT 25/220-240/700 LT2 S  4052899957008  300-700 mA  15...50 V
 OT FIT 40/220-240/1A0 LT2 S  4052899957015  500-1050 mA  15...50 V

The OT FIT CS G2 is available in 20 W, 30 W and 40 W with output currents of 250-1050 mA, current setting possible via dip-switch.

Product name EAN10 Output current Output voltage
OT FIT 20/220-240/500 CS G2 4052899435612 250/350/450/500 mA 25...42 V
OT FIT 30/220-240/700 CS G2 4052899435636 500/600/650/700 mA 25...42 V
OT FIT 40/220-240/1A0 CS G2 4052899435650 800/900/950/1050 mA 25...42 V

Feature comparison of the new OT FIT with OTe drivers:

  OT FIT LT2 S OT FIT CS G2 OTe (phase-out)
Wide range of
COBs and LED modules
++++ ++ +++
Low ripple +++ ++ ++
Compact size +++ +++ ++

Full availability of both OT FIT families is assured. The existing OTe family 25 W and 35 W will be phased out by December 17. 

OTe 25 W and 35 W on phase-out:

Product name GTIN (EAN)
OTe 25/220…240/420 CS 4052899917538
OTe 25/220…240/700 CS 4052899917545
OTe 35/220…240/700 CS 4052899917569
OTe 35/220…240/700 CS S 4052899917552
OTe 35/220…240/1A0 CS 4052899917668
OTe 35/220…240/1A0 CS S 4052899917651