Tuner4TRONIC 3.1 update

Technology: Electronic Control Gears
Type: Product changes

Tuner4TRONIC now also available for Windows 10

The new V3.1.0 includes smart remote update functions for the Developer version. When starting the program, the user is notified automatically that a new software version is available. Furthermore, the Installer download is started immediately at the user’s request. 

This update also supports Windows 10.

Also extremely useful: Tuner4Tronic is now available in five languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.

Please note that this is the last version which is compatible with Windows XP!

Your benefits: 

Tuner4TRONIC is a simple programming tool which can be operated intuitively. It is suitable for the individual configuration of DALI LED driver functions such as Constant Lumen Output (CLO) and output current. A large variety of configurations can be programmed in no time at all.

  • Now compatible with Windows 10
  • Thanks to automatic updates, you can be sure that you are always using the latest T4T version
  • Production version available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

Update your T4T version now.