Perfect light quality also in the lower dimming range

Technology: Electronic Control Gears
Type: Product changes

Amplitude dimming across the entire dimming range from 100% to 1%.

This new feature of our OSRAM OTi DALI Compact 50 W LED drivers significantly reduces the modulation of light in the lower dimming range, ensuring that it can no longer even be perceived by mobile cameras.

All OPTOTRONIC DALI LED drivers can be dimmed from 100 % to 1 %. To cover this wide dimming range, up to now two dimming methods were combined: amplitude dimming down to 30 % and in the lower dimming range PWM (pulse width modulation). Due to narrower tolerances of the single LED regarding luminous flux and color rendering and additional improvements (e.g. circuit design) it is now possible to enlarge the amplitude dimming range from typically 100 % ... 30 % to 100 % ... 1 %.

It is no longer necessary to use pulse width modulation (PWM) in the lower dimming range. The benefits are firstly a more efficient LED operation and secondly a significantly lower light modulation in the low dimming range. Light modulation cannot be observed any longer via mobile cameras. Being DALI ed2 compatible, it enables all standardized DALI functions.

In the lower dimming range (from 30 % to 1 %), amplitude dimming delivers a significantly lower light modulation than hybrid dimming

OTi DALI Compact 50 W update with NEW features:

  • Wide current operating window: 600 mA…1.400 mA
  • Amplitude dimming from 100 % to 1 % (mobile camera-friendly)
  • DALI ed2 compatible
  • Soft switch-off (dimming from 1 % to 0 % when switched off)
  • Low standby < 150 mW
  • Suitable for emergency lighting: EL-sign
  • Overload / overtemperature protection
  • Corridor function to be activated via T4T
  • For independent operation: cable clamp A-style or A-style TL for through looping
  • 50`000 h lifetime at tc = 75 °C
  • 5 years guarantee (from the first failed driver onwards)
Product name EAN 10 (NEW) Phase out G1 Phase in G2
OTi DALI 50/220-240/1A4 LT2 4052899488182 July 2017 May 2017

OTi DALI 25 W und 35 W with the same features are as well available.

You can find the updated software (DD file) for OTi DALI 50 FAN G2 in the software download center for Tuner4TRONIC under

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