LED drivers for emergency lighting (EL)

18. September 2017 | Electronic Control Gears

Technology: Electronic Control Gears
Type: Technical information

Up-to-date information on EL mark, DC fuse and OSRAM conformities to EATON (CEAG) and INOTEC

This article provides you with updated information on the emergency lighting (EL) operation of LED drivers.

LED luminaires used for general lighting as well as for emergency lighting have a continued high level of interest. To operate lighting reliably on central power systems, several points need to be noted.

Emergency lighting information about the EL mark on OSRAM LED drivers   

OPTOTRONIC constant-current LED drivers such as OTi DALI and OT FIT are suitable for DC operation (e.g. central emergency system) in compliance with IEC 61347-2-13, Annex J. They are tested in DC operation with regards to performance, safety, immunity, harmonics and EMC which is proven by the EL mark.

DC fuse in OSRAM LED drivers

Additionally, each OSRAM OPTOTRONIC with the EL mark has an integrated DC fuse, thus fulfilling the safety requirements according to EN 61347-1 for the European market. Thanks to this internal fuse, the LED driver will be disconnected safely from the mains voltage in case a component fails. This fulfills the luminaire requirements of the standard EN 60598-2-22, chapter 22.7.3.

The benefit for the luminaire manufacturer is that there is no need to build in an extra external DC fuse when using an OSRAM OPTOTRONIC with the EL mark.

Additionally, all OPTOTRONIC LED drivers are tested according to IEC 60598-2-22 to ensure the luminaires operate reliably at an ambient temperature of 70 °C.

OSRAM conformities to EATON (CEAG) and INOTEC

Beyond fulfilling the EL norm EN 60598-2-22, chapter 22.18 (2008), it is important that LED drivers are compatible with leading central power system producers like EATON (CEAG) and INOTEC. This compatibility is crucial for the reliable operation of LED drivers in lighting installations with central or group battery systems.

Below you will find links about the conformity declarations to EATON (CEAG) and INOTEC for the LED driver families OTi DALI (dimmable) and OT FIT (non-dimmable) as well as OT Outdoor drivers. All relevant DC operating areas, switch-over times and standards can be found along with DALI commands, current output adjustments for the address module as well as inrush currents and currents of the individual LED drivers in normal operation mode as well as in no load conditions of DALI drivers. The norms and standards referred to are: DIN EN 62384/DIN EN 61347-2-13 (annex J)/DIN EN 55015 (measurement in AC and DC)/DIN EN 61000-3-2/DIN EN 61547/DIN EN 62386-101/-102/-207/-220.

On top of this, you will also find the link below to the EATON (CEAG) and INOTEC conformities for OSRAM fluorescent ECGs.

The basis for these extensive documents is a large number of reliable lighting installations working with OSRAM LED drivers and fluorescent ECGs.

Download the complete set of conformity declarations for safe emergency lighting now!