LED delivers best solution for lighting gallery and museum spaces

To present museum pieces works of art in the proper light museum and art gallery spaces require LED lighting systems to provide a number of functions. Osram flexible LED modules and light management systems provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors and the optimum environment for gallery and museum exhibits.

Flexible Exhibition lighting solutions for every building configuration

Museum and gallery buildings can be extremely challenging to light. Often, the exhibition space cannot be significantly altered. Gallery lighting systems have to be flexible to meet design constraints while still delivering excellent performance. The combination of daylight and artificial light has to be closely controlled to provide a natural viewing environment that doesn’t place undue strain on the eye. Most importantly, exhibits must be displayed to their maximum effect - free from glare or the potential for light damage. LED modules from Osram provide the ideal solution for all museum and gallery installations.

Exhibit conservation with LED lighting

LED luminaires and lamps offer many advantages over traditional lighting approaches when lighting gallery or museum buildings. With almost 0% UV components, LED lights meet stringent conservation requirements minimizing the potential for damage to exhibits through extended exposure to light.  Osram light solutions also provide whites and almost limitless colour chases across a wide range of lux for all kinds of artwork.

Artwork and paintings in the proper light

Available in warm white and cool white Osram LED light modules provide a diversity of light distribution characteristics. With very narrow to wide light distribution, you have the flexibility to create the best lighting for each exhibit. Compact LED luminaires can fit into any size of showcase while LED spotlights, freestanding lamps and surface-mounted lighting brings artworks and sculptural design safely to life.



Effective light management for art

Intelligent light management takes this one step further. You can set constant and pre-defined brightness levels that can be applied to the exhibit or showcase. These pre-defined elements and dynamic lighting sequences can be called up from a central control panel to enhance the viewing experience or automatically run during the day to adapt to changing light conditions.

Osram light management also allows you to effectively manage the combination of daylight and artificial light. This enables you to ensure that the exhibits are always well displayed as light conditions change throughout the day or changing seasons. It also includes person detection sensors so lighting is only activated when someone enters the gallery space. The result is natural and comfortably lit space where visitors can enjoy viewing the exhibits while minimizing eye strain even in dimly lit galleries.

Energy and cost-efficiency are paramount within gallery lighting. As galleries and museums look to replace fluorescent, tungsten or halogen lighting, LED luminaires provide a good long life option.

Particularly in  difficult to access areas, Osram LED modules supported by Osram electronic ballasts (ECG) that provide temperature management, can deliver up to 100,000 hours of operational life – almost twice that of similar solutions on the market.

Compact LED design for small spaces

Inaccessible lighting positions within spaces, where building alteration is difficult or impossible, require innovative lighting design. LED modules from Osram are offered in different sizes to allow lighting designers complete freedom of design and artists an appropriate mise-en-scène of their artwork. They can be developed into smart, customized and long life LED solutions in a range of lighting fixtures, to meet even the most intricate requirements of the historical buildings that house many art galleries and museums.