LED Street lighting for urban roads, residential streets and public areas

Traditional technology street lamps perform poorly while being costly to maintain and often faulty. LED street lighting delivers high performance that enhances visibility and safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The  correct city lights

Whether illuminating a busy road, providing the right level of lighting to a residential street or enhancing the atmosphere and security in parks and other public spaces, modern street lighting has to achieve the same goal. It has to deliver exactly the right amount of light at the right time in the right place. Traditional street lighting– simply cannot deliver the light output, clarity and light control necessary. And whether it’s on the surface or underground: modern citylights like subway lighting, also represent the attractiveness and the security of modern public places. That’s why it is important to upgrade outdated street lamps and public lighting to Osram’s LED solutions.

People want to be able to see each other and any potential obstacles, such as road works or traffic jams, quickly and clearly. They want to be able to read road signs without strain at all times of day and in all weather conditions. LED lighting from Osram enhance the visual capabilities of all road users while illuminating the road and eliminating glare to deliver outstanding visibility in a wide range of driving conditions.

LED components for street lighting

To achieve this requires more than a variety of high performance LED modules, it needs a complete LED street lighting package combining LEDs, optical components, thermal management electronic control gear (ECG)

ballasts and control technology. Light management systems together with Osram LED modules that ensure excellent performance as well as a low cost, low energy, low maintenance street lighting across the entire range of urban lighting requirements.

The basic configuration of LED light management systems provides a night mode to reduce brightness during off-peak periods. Osram light management delivers flexible control of light depending on the specific requirements of the time of day or weather conditions. You have complete control to set and adapt the lighting to the environment. For example, the brightness and color shades of lighting within parks and car parks can be altered to enhance usability and safety of people at different times of the day. Potential hazards such as bollards, crossings or uneven foot paths become clearly visible. Poorly lit pavements or faulty street lamps in residential areas become a thing of the past.

This level of control means that lighting can be adjusted for energy saving when not in peak operation. This can reduce energy consumption and cost by up to 80% while extending the lifetime of the LED street light.

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