LED shop and supermarket lighting systems

From distinctive LED shop window displays to enticing shelf and cabinet lighting, Osram delivers the entire range of LED shop and supermarket lighting systems. Excellent color reproduction, impressive energy efficiency and long life make LED modules the ideal solution for every retail environment.

The retail environment is where functional and decorative LED lighting combines perfectly to enhance your customer’s buying experience

The right window display can entice people into your shop, direct them to the right areas and display products to their maximum effect. LED lighting modules from Osram give you the power and flexibility to deliver effective and exciting lighting throughout your shop or supermarket.

It all starts before people even enter your shop. A well-designed and imaginative LED window display captures people as they pass and encourages them inside. To achieve this, you need LED fixtures that deliver dynamic whites and a wide palette of color. Excellent color reproduction and even light distribution allows you to achieve optimum performance from every type of light – whether effect, background or accent lighting.

Osram intelligent light management systems are setting new standards in cashier positions. Integrating daylight in the lighting concept by installing daylight dependent sensors produces the ideal combination of natural and artificial light, and presence detectors can measure and regulate the required amount of light.

The customer journey: window display lighting to shoplighting

The effect you create in the LED window display is carried on through the entrance area. LED modules provide adjustable white light and controllable color effects. You can set constant and pre-defined brightness levels and dynamic lighting sequences can be called up from a central control panel or activate by motion sensor as someone enters the shop.

Once inside, innovative LED lighting can help you guide people through the store. The use of different color effects and light intensities attracts customers to different sections and promotional areas. LED lighting from Osram enables shelf illumination in a way that subtly highlights key product features.

LED technology for the retail sector made by OSRAM

LED display lighting is an essential area for every shop or supermarket. Only when there’s perfect illumination, no glare and the correct lighting effects are applied do products really come to life. With narrow and wide light distribution and excellent color distribution, Osram LED modules let you apply exact focus and dynamic color effects to display items. The small size of some LED modules means you can create display lighting options that were simply not possible using traditional lighting technologies. In addition, intelligent light management enables you to highlight individual items within the display.

LED modules are energy efficient and low maintenance choice for shop lighting. Osram increases the natural long life and environmental friendly features of LED lighting through our intelligent light management system. Intelligent thermal management increases the life of LED modules while ensuring that temperatures of shelving, display areas and counters remain acceptable.

The ability to automatically combine the right level of daylight and artificial light increases the energy efficiency of lighting while delivering a more natural experience while spending time in aisles, changing rooms or counter areas. Motion detectors and manual dimmers allow you to build atmosphere while saving energy and money in promotional areas or changing rooms. Cubicle lights, information boards or signage need only be activated when someone enters the area.

Osram has developed LED Modules to give you complete freedom in the design of your shop or supermarket lighting systems. The Osram LED module portfolio for retail and shop applications offers the choice for the designer.  Linear as well as spotlight and downlight solutions are popular and enable lighting designers to develop the exact type of effect, background or accent lighting required.