LED office and education lighting systems

Innovative and flexible LED office, school, academy and university lighting systems, deliver the ideal solution for every environment.


OSRAM lighting solutions – include LED modules - are backed by our intelligent light management systems to increase productivity while saving cost and energy.

Today’s lighting solutions for work and education must deliver a great deal to your business

It must create a bright and healthy environment for your staff, customers and students. Decorative and atmospheric luminaires should enhance visitor perception of your company, university, academy or school as they enter your foyer. Flexible and intelligent lighting must optimize performance and productivity within conference rooms, break-out areas and open plan spaces. Controllable long-life and low energy solutions must transform corridors, stairwells and basement garages.

Whatever your office or school lighting needs, OSRAM has the widest range of innovative LED modules. The innovative design of our LED office and education lighting systems includes the dynamic use of white light and varied color reproduction - automatically adapting to changes in daylight - to produce a natural working environment that is glare-free and dimmable. Our LED modules can be designed into recessed, pendant or surface-mounted luminaire that best meets your specific requirements.

Performance and flexibility lie at the heart of OSRAM modern office and school lighting

Our LED modules deliver the right level and quality of light for every task. Whether working on a desktop computer, delivering a presentation in the boardroom or simply having an informal meeting by the coffee machine, there’s a lighting solution to enhance the productivity of the situation.

Uplighting, downlighting and freestanding lighting solutions deliver virtually endless possibilities in terms of light intensity – and you can control everything from our intelligent light management system. Its innovative zonal function helps divide the room into separate working and meeting areas – ideal for open plan office and learning environments.

You have greater control in the conference room or auditorium

Full lighting control – such as dimmable downlights – enable you to set the right environment to help concentration and reduce tiredness. In addition, the intelligent lighting management system makes it easy to operate external equipment such as beamers, screens or blinds so you have everything at your fingertips.

Atmospheric and impactful lighting effects do more than build your corporate identity. They ease the transition between daylight and artificial light when entering the building and help orient people while in corridors and stairwells. In fact, the creative use of decorative lighting within corridors can transform the mundane into atmospheric areas.

LED office lighting systems offer outstanding cost and energy saving benefits. Naturally longer lasting than traditional lighting, LED modules from OSRAM feature comprehensive energy saving features. Intelligent heat management reduces overall energy consumption and minimizes thermal loads in the light cone. Motion detection capabilities enhance energy saving and safety in meeting rooms, corridors and garages where the lights are activated when a presence is detected.

OSRAM has developed LED Modules to give you complete freedom in the design of your educational and commercial office lighting systems. LED modules come in different lengths to provide lighting designers with the versatility to develop the exact type of background or accent lighting needed for any specific office, school, university and academy application.