LED display lighting systems: backlighting and signage for commercial and retail organisations.

Illuminated signage is an excellent way to promote and communicate your company’s brand. LED backlighting gives the flexibility to create eye-catching indoor and outdoor commercial and retail display solutions that are low cost, low energy and long lasting.

Modern sign and display lighting

All commercial and retail companies are aware of the benefits of high profile and impactful illuminated signage. In the past, fluorescent tubes, neon or halogen has been the choice for retail and commercial display lighting systems. Today, LED modules from Osram advertising systems provide a far better alternative for backlighting and signage.

LED backlighting and signage benefits from greater control of whites and a virtually limitless palette of colors. There is almost no end to the effects that can be created with Profile Lettering – making logos, retail displays or shop and office signs come to life. Single and double-sided Light boxes deliver a quality of illuminated display that ensure advertising hoardings or information panels standout and grab attention – whether indoor or outdoor. You now have access to a range of lighting effects that were simply not available using previous display lighting technology – and you also benefit from lower energy bills and less environmental impact.

Linking LED modules for greater usage

OSRAM LED modules – such as DRAGONchain – can be easily connected together to produce uniform backlighting for Lightboxes and Profile Letting of all shapes and sizes. The smaller size of LED modules allows for reduced profile and subtle commercial display solutions. For example, as LED modules take up less space, illuminated lettering can be much smaller than was possible using fluorescent or neon lighting.

DRAGONchain Colormix brings an extensive color palette as well as uniform backlighting while BackLED brings brilliant whites and colors to outdoor Lightboxes and Point Lettering solutions

A retail and commercial display lighting system from Osram delivers superior performance through the use of a light management system. You have new levels of control with daylight-dependent sensors that allow you to adjust the balance between natural and artificial light. You are able to adapt white tones and color effects perfectly to complement the amount of available daylight. In this way, you can ensure high performance while achieving maximum efficiency and energy savings. In addition, the use of dimmers gives you pinpoint control over indoor advertising displays with extra energy savings.

Thermal management also enhances the longer life of LED modules and the level of remote control with the Osram light management systems allows for much less maintenance – a major benefit for outdoor displays that can be difficult to access. In fact, you can control each LED module in the display solution individually allowing you to create innovative color display effects that also extend the life of the Lightbox or Point Lettering solution.

An area of growing importance in many retail and commercial spaces is the use of LED backlighting for illuminated ceilings. These ceilings not only help to set the atmosphere and mood within the building but also help to split areas into separate zones and deliver desired color effects into specific areas. The Osram light management system delivers outstanding control of color temperature and scenes such as the switch between warm and cold white, sequencing of color events and automated dimming capabilities.

LED modules from Osram come in different lengths, offering lighting designers the flexibility to create custom backlighting and signage solutions to meet their exact retail and commercial display lighting requirements.

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