Flexible and customizable hotel and hospitality lighting systems

Hospitality lighting sets the mood and atmosphere for guests. Whether in the lobby, hotel room, bar, restaurant, wellbeing facilities or club; intelligent and cost-effective LED lighting systems from OSRAM provide the ideal combination of functional and decorative lighting, to enhance every experience.

Light is priceless to your guests wellbeing

Lighting is such a huge part of the hotel and hospitality industries that it is something you simply can’t afford to get wrong. A good lighting concept and good LED lighting systems will help establish the atmosphere and style of your accommodation from when a guest first arrives, to the experience they have within their stay. Intelligent lighting systems in the restaurant, bar, wellness center or club, allows you to create different zones, enhancing privacy or relaxation, while ensuring public areas are properly lit.  

LED modules for bar, restaurant, track, club and hotel lighting

The careful selection of LED modules from Osram gives you complete control of the lighting effects and atmosphere you create. Brilliant whites and an almost limitless variety of color allow you to deliver lighting to suit each area of your establishment. Glare free and dimmable, all our LED modules meet the latest lighting standards.

Osram also provides LED modules so lighting designers have the ability to create highly customized lighting experiences. As vintage lighting becomes more popular within hotel setting, LED modules allow for the creation of ‘vintage style’ lighting systems that deliver all the benefits of LED technology with authentic or retro finishes such as brass or wood – you can even create a grand chandelier for conference room, function room or club lighting.

Light management for the hospitality sector

In conference rooms and function rooms, integrated Osram light management systems allow you to control more than just the luminaires and lamps. You have a control panel that includes external systems such as


heating and ventilation. A similar control panel can be fitted in hotel rooms to allow guests to set the atmosphere or to restaurant, bar or club lighting giving the manager complete control from a central point.

Intelligent light management from Osram enhances the long life and low cost operations of LED luminaires that is so important in all hospitality settings. LED lamps and luminaires deliver energy efficiency and long-lasting performance unmatched by other light technologies. Osram light management systems manage the light output of the luminaires while automatically adjusting for the amount of daylight to deliver the most natural light and the best operational efficiency.

This ability to deliver highly efficient, long life lighting solutions extends into corridors and garages where the appropriate lighting is essential for the safety of guests. LED luminaires provide the ideal solution for 24X7 operation while advanced motion detection allow for the correct lighting to be available only when required - delivering security and cost-effectiveness for the hotel or hospitality organization.

Osram LED modules and light management systems allow you to create lighting that will enhance guest enjoyment in a wide range of hospitality settings. Hotel, restaurant, bar and club lighting benefits from functional and decorative LED lightings solutions backed by intelligent lighting systems that deliver unbeatable performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.