Industrial LED lighting systems for factory and warehouse settings

Effective industrial LED lighting is essential for the productivity and safety of your staff. Low cost and durable factory and warehouse lighting – from high intensity floodlights to anti-glare trunking systems to high bay luminaires – play a significant role in effective business operations.

The correct level of light is essential in factory and warehouse settings

Often in buildings with little natural light, artificial lighting has to help your employees complete their tasks while reducing fatigue. Factory and warehouse lighting has to be controllable, efficient and long-life in situations where disruptive maintenance cannot affect 24 hour operations. Industrial LED light solutions from Osram bring new levels of precision, coast efficiency and environmental performance to illuminate factory floors, production lines or logistics centers.

Within industrial applications, it is key to have the right light color and light distribution in every area of the facility. Where artificial light is constant it is important to create a natural and glare-free environment as possible. This increases employee productivity while reducing the potential for tiredness and accidents. Within factory and warehouse buildings that may not have been designed for modern lighting but cannot easily be altered, LED modules from OSRAM provide the ideal solution.

Factory and industrial light management systems

Light management systems from Osram such as MULTIeco allow control of up to 64 separate areas within the building. You can set different lighting effects and strengths to match the requirements of the task within each area. Intelligent lighting management lets you control all lighting types from a central control. For example, trunking systems – constructed form a series of LED modules – deliver flexibility into difficult spatial conditions and complicated lighting requirements. LED trunking systems are especially suited to production

Lighting management at the Zalando logistics center

line applications where the addition of reflectors and prism technology allows for the delver of very precise light to exact points on the assembly line.

The use of intelligent light management from Osram deliver excellent energy efficiency. The system can control the thermal output of LED modules and allow for the optimum operation of LED lighting in all environments. Daylight dependent sensors allow you to create the ideal combination of natural and artificial light for every part of the factory floor. Motion sensors allow for lighting to only function when required. Osram motion sensors have a detection range and height of 13 meters to allow for flexible placement within large industrial buildings. In addition, timers allow you to set lighting to meet operational requirements.

Reliable and high quality lighting

Energy efficiency, long life and durability are essential components of any industrial LED lighting solution. Whether using floodlights for industrial outdoor light, high bay LED luminaires for production or logistics halls or damp proof LED trunking system pendants for production lines, Osram LED modules meet the most exacting environment standards.

LED modules from Osram allow you to design lighting for challenging lighting environments both in terms of building design and high ambient temperatures. LED luminaire solutions for industry include pendant, surface-mounted or LED trunking systems that best meet your specific requirements.