LED architectural and facade lighting

You can turn every building into a landmark, with LED modules from Osram. The latest facade lighting solutions go beyond accentuating architectural features to deliver incredible color effects, video walls and projected animations.

Outdoor lighting

Every hotel, museum, art gallery and public building manager knows the importance of professional facade lighting. The interplay of light and shadow amplifies the architectural features of the building exterior to make it really standout in its environment. Today, more and more commercial organizations are realising the power that external LED architectural display systems can bring to their brand. LED modules from Osram open up a new world of possibilities for facade lighting.

Whether looking for a traditional facade lighting design – where light emphasizes the architectural elements of the structure – or a more dynamic and engaging external lighting display, Osram has the LED modules to suit your requirements. Osram LED modules deliver the high light output, extreme  color stability, outstanding energy efficiency and durability needed to operate all year round in the harshest weather conditions.

Sustainable art lighting for Bishops Palace House

Highlights for structure

LED lighting technology delivers outstanding whites and a comprehensive color palette that offers a wide range of color effects to be created and displayed at any light intensity required. This level of photometric performance is achieved through the Osram light management system. From a central control panel, you can create the perfect combination of natural daylight and artificial light to deliver the maximum efficiency for architectural facade lighting.

You can deliver constant or pre-defined brightness levels for lights that alter over the period of the day or to adjust to weather conditions. In addition, pre-defined lighting scenes and dynamic sequences can be saved and then called up using remote control, central touch-pad or even motion sensor. For instance, different colors and brightness can be used to pick out different elements during the day, evening and night.