Light is the source of well-being

In the modern working world, human beings and their concerns have become increasingly important. Lighting supports this trend with groundbreaking concepts for Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which focus on humans and the optimal light for their needs.

For example, they bring the natural course of daylight and its biological effects into indoor areas. This is achieved by using artificial light with the right brightness and color temperature to supplement the daylight. The interplay of light and room climate creates an atmosphere that has a positive impact on the well-being of humans as well as on their productivity and health.

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The OSRAM Flex Atelier

Take a stroll through our virtual shop and adapt the shoplighting to your needs.

Give your merchandise the right setting by highlighting certain areas or dim the lights down a little - and see how the mood in your shop changes. Switch the lighting from cool to warm white or let the whole shop appear in a natural light - you decide. With our configurator you can experience our unlimited options of shoplighting solutions yourself.

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Light is the efficiency booster

Many industries today operate on a 24/7 schedule. This calls for extremely energy-efficient, durable, low-maintenance and robust lighting components which help to reduce lighting costs to a minimum.

Moreover, high ceilings and special production conditions in the various industries can necessitate a high quality of light with maximum light output and optimal CRI values, so that employees, as well as the machinery, can work flexibly and efficiently.

In many cases, the light must also show a low output ripple current, i.e. it has to be “flicker-free,” so that the functionality of modern machines or scanner systems remains unaffected.

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Light is the spirit of architecture

Modern architecture reflects the philosophy of a company and translates its values into a unique design. The interplay between different geometries and selected materials as well as the creation of special areas for communication and interaction help design inspiring working environments that are a source of identification for employees.

In this context, light plays a crucial role: It enhances the appeal of rooms and fills the entire building with life. Thanks to innovative, ultra-flat and flexible lighting solutions from OSRAM, the lighting blends discreetly into the architectural concept of a room and opens up completely new opportunities for creative design.

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OSRAM LED lighting systems for your project areas

Benefit from the many advantages of innovative LED lighting in order to design perfect lighting solutions for offices, schools, academies and durable LED systems for industry, production facilities and warehouses.

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OSRAM UltraFlat Systems: Experience a new era in creative luminaire design!
Light is individual
OSRAM UltraFlat System
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